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Lieutenant—General Keith Robert Coster SASS,ICD, OBE : A Life in Uniform
Gerry van Tonder
Gerry van Tonder
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Derby, UK
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In 1938, Keith Coster went into uniformed service in South Africa and earned his wings. In 1942, he was shot down in North Africa, and spent the rest of the war incarcerated in various Italian and German prisoner of war camps, including the famous Stalag Luft III of Great Escape fame. At the end of the war, he transferred to the South African army, and from there, with the rank of major, left South Africa in 1955 to join the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland army, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant—colonel, commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion, the King’s African Rifles, based in the then Nyasaland. With the demise of the Federation in 1963, it was a natural progression for him to transfer to the Southern Rhodesian Army. In 1968, and with the rank of lieutenant—general, he was appointed general officer commanding of the Rhodesian Army, a post he held until his retirement in 1972. He then went back to South Africa, where he spent thirteen years serving as a ‘civilian officer’ in the top national security organs of that country, for which he was bestowed with South Africa’s highest award, the Star of South Africa.
Rhodesia. Lt General Keith Coster SASS, ICD, OBE
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Lt Gen Keith Coster : A Life in UniformLt Gen Keith Coster : A Life in Uniform